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• Discounted rates for International Attendees!
• Additional discount with promo-codes from our promoters!

Become a Promoter!
Coming with 7 or more persons? Know a group of people that are interested? Got a dance school?  Run a local community? Become a promoter! Contact us using the contact form below and ask for more details!



  • Access to all FIKi & AfroTribal Workshops
  • Access to Fri, Sat & Sun Main Parties
  • Access to Saturday & Sunday Daytime Socials

Does not include

  • Thursday Warm-Up Party
  • Sunday Special Event
  • Monday Ending Party

AfroTribal Pass


  • Access to all AfroTribal Workshops
  • Access to Fri, Sat & Sun Main Parties

Does not include

  • Any other workshops 
  • Thursday Warm-Up Party
  • Social Rooms Access
  • Sunday Special Event
  • Monday Ending Party

Dance Pass


  • Access to Fri, Sat & Sun Main Parties
  • Access to Saturday & Sunday Daytime Socials

Does not include

  • Any workshops
  • Thursday Warm-Up Party
  • Sunday Special Event
  • Monday Ending Party



General Schedule

It’s gonna be a long week full of parties, straight from New Years onwards there will be plenty of opportunities to party and learn. The final general schedule will be published in November. Stay tuned! But for the time being here’s a general prelim schedule, subject to small changes but to give you a pretty clear idea of what the schedule will be like. Remember that especially around the time of the event the website will not have any updates so for the latest updates always check the Facebook event.

21:30-tbc Warm-up Party (not included in passes)

Optional party dress code: Your Country Colors
21:00-22:00 Pre-party workshop @ Teatteri Forum
22:00-04:00 Kick-off Party @ Teatteri Forum

Optional party dress code: African Touch
11:30-18:00 Workshops @ Kaapelitehdas
13:00-18:30 Social Room @ Kaapelitehdas
21:00-22:00 Pre-party workshop @ Teatteri Forum
22:00-04:00 Da Main Party @ Teatteri Forum

11:30-16:00 Workshops @ Kaapelitehdas
13:00-18:00 Social Room  @ Kaapelitehdas
17:30-19:30 Da Finnish Experience – More Details Later
21:30-tbc Farewell party @ India House

17:30-01:00 Hangover Party / AfroLatin Nights @ India House (not included in passes)

Workshop Schedule

The workshop schedule will be published closer to the event. There’s will be plenty or workshops to choose from and as always they are structured for your to take your dancing to another level. And no matter your level you know that these teachers are the best of the best and there’s always a lot to learn from them! They are here to share their knowledge and passion with you!


For hotels we recommend Omena Hotels, both Omena Lönnrotinkatu & Omena Yrjönkatu. They are affordable functional hotels in the center, easy to reach, close by the party venues and the workshop venues are easily reached from there by public transport. Omena hotel rooms can accomodate even 4 persons per room, so with that you can find pretty good deals.

Other options? As the parties are right in the center there’s something for everyones budget, from hostals to 5* hotels. Some other hotels close-by are Scandic Simonkenttä, Radisson Blu Royal, Hotel Helka, Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna… To see the best rates check out or if you are more into homes or rooms then check out to find something that meets your criteria and budget.



Friday & Saturday Parties

Teatteri Forum
Yrjönkatu 31, 00100 Helsinki

Pre-party Workshops
Main Parties

3e Coat Check Applies



Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki

Saturday Workshops
Sunday Workshops
Social Room


We’ll be using Balanssi Studiot & HSDS both dance schools are on the 4th floor. Please use the C entrance at the end to get to the registration and check-in area, infront of HSDS Studio.


Sunday Party

India House
Simonkatu 8, 00100 Helsinki

Sunday Farewell Dinner
Sunday Farewell Party

3e Coat check might apply

This venue is right around the corner from the main party venue, Teatteri Forum


Please check out the below map to familiarise yourself with our locations and the surroundings. By clicking the slider you will get an option menu where you can see some accommodation options, food & coffee locations, supermarkets, etc. that you might need. The parties happen right in the center and we recommend people to stay in the center so there plenty of additional options available.


Coming from Abroad:

If you come from Estonia the cheapest (and probably the fastest way if you take into consideration the airport waiting time and travel times) is to take the Ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki. If you are coming from St. Petersburg the cheapest option would take a bus with luxbus or similar services which will take you right to the center of Helsinki.

From most other places there’s some really good flight deals, we recommend to check out the best deals from Skyscanner or Momondo.

Normally there are pretty cheap deals through from the following locations:

Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Riga, Vilnius, London, Manchester, Moscow, Barcelona, and plenty of others!


Getting Around Helsinki:

Getting around Helsinki is really easy as the Public Transportation system in Helsinki is super good. There’s only 1 subway line and trams and busses take you everywhere. Cheap trains connect you directly from the airport to the center. The easiest way is to download the HSL APP to your phone and purchase tickets through that. Individual tickets are valid for 80 minutes and are 2,20€. We recommend you to get a 2, 3 or 4 day ticket to get the best deals. Optionally tickets can be bought through the vending machines at the stations or at R-Kioski’s which you will find a many locations.

In order not to get lost we recommend using google maps and downloading the Helsinki map so that it can be used offline.  Easy instructions on how to do this for both Android and iPhone can be found here.


Getting to Helsinki form the airport:

If you are alone the Cheapest way is to take the train directly from the airport or a bus from the airport to the central station in Helsinki, tickets are 5,50€. Then as everywhere there’s the option to take a taxi. A taxi from the airport to the center can costs around 45 €. There’s no UBER X so UBER prices are normally pretty much the same as normal taxi prices, sometimes a bit higher.


Need Mobile Internet?

For those that don’t have roaming and still want to be able to use mobile data you came to the mobile data wonderland! For 7,90€ you can get an Elisa pre-paid package that includes 1 week of unlimited 4G data at 300 Mbit/s! There’s various other options available and you can get them from any R-Kioski.



FAQ - Why do the workshops last 1,5h?

At FIKi we have always wanted to offer better opportunities for learning and improving. Many times at festivals the classes are 50-60 minutes, and the time doesn’t allow the teachers to go deeper into the most important details to improve the dancers’ level. By offering longer session the teachers will pretty much give the same amount of steps/material than in 60 min classes but focusing more on HOW instead of what, which will give you the best details to make a bigger difference in your dancing.

FAQ - Why you don't publish who the taxi dancers are?

At FIKi the taxi dancers have primarily been invited to attend the workshops. Taxi dancers are there to balance out the leader-follower ratio. However, they are there also to enjoy the parties and not only “working” so not publishing them will give them more relaxing feeling, as we have seen at some events some followers only looking to dance with taxis. For the past two years we didn’t publish them either and got really good feedback from it, both from taxis and from ladies.

FAQ - Will it be cold?

The weather around that time of the year varies a lot and one never knows but for the past years has been pretty mild. The past FIKi editions had between -7°C and 2°C. Also note that the cold is dry here so even if it would get to -15°C here it is seriously less cold then in Portugal, Spain, Italy with 1°C! All buildings here are also well prepared so indoors its nice and warm.

FAQ - What clothes should I take?

Having said the above about the weather… we do recommend everyone to take a good sweater and winter jacket, optionally some gloves and something to cover your head. For the parties, if you go for the dress codes, whatever ever you decide to wear for those. And guys please take some extra T-Shirts to change during the socials. And take your swimwear!

FAQ - Take your swimwear?!?!

Yeaaaah don’t forget your swimwear!! That is if you are participating in Da Finnish Experience…. which you are right?

Still got questions?

If after reading the information provided and faq you still have a question or are confused please feel free to use the contact form below to ask your questions, or if it is a general questions you can also ask it in the official facebook event and someone might reply faster. We will do our best and try to reply as fast as we can! Do note that as a principle we will not reply to any questions for which an answer was already provided by us on the website or the Facebook event description.

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